Unique ways to style our favourite jeans to look trendier.

Unique ways to style our favourite jeans to look trendier.



There are only two constant things in the world, bombarding of the aliens from the evil planet to our earth which is regularly saved by American superheroes and the trends or styles of the jeans in the fashion industry, no matter how long you have lived you can still related to the fashion of the time.

Whenever I stand for the support of my jeans and T-shirts, to look different this time, I end up looking the same with some colour change in my T-shirt and constant on the part of jeans. This searching for something new ends up cementing the favourites jeans (all same).


While for breaking this chain I would love the idea called – experimenting – branching out the legs of my fashion styling in much the same way as before- with some permutation and combination of my wardrobe considering no barriers to the categories to choose- it sometimes feels liberating when you know you have the freedom to pick and choose your style. Right, naa?

The constant doesn’t mean to get away from them, it only needs some magical spell to spread its wonder. For that, we have come up with some new and interesting ways to style yourself with jeans and a T-shirt and some accessories if needed.




Outfit recipe1 x  cool jeans, 1 x simple and sweet t-shirt, 1 x ARKET stripe blazer, 1 x suitable easy to carry sling bag, x one sophisticated but easy-going heels under your foot= 10 men down!!


No, it’s not a nations mandatory rule to always use sneakers with our favourite denim, we add some pinch of heels and blazer for better fashion taste, this will not only make you feel different but confident too as most will adore your fashion sense and the way you would carry it, be effortless and be being comfortable.



OUTFIT RECIPE: 1 x solid coloured cropped t-shirt, 1 x  solid coloured jeans, 1 x cool and stylish heel = glow brighter than the Sun


Sometimes what solid and pure can give you any colour combination could not, it carries out your personality to the next level, this shows pure authenticity of your personality and above it. A highly recommended recipe to try on.



Accessories make things spicier

earpieces, the Bracelet, Anklets could be one to make things a little bit more spicy and give you more things to try on and be more Banawati.

OUTFIT RECIPE: 1 x  jeans, 1 x Swing bag , 1 x  t-shirt, 1 x plaid scrunchie, 1 x ear pieces = hot damnnnnnn  

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