What defines custom made clothing to you

What defines custom made clothing to you

All-day, in your local offline markets, in your not so local market, in your online market, we were always bombarded with readymade retail clothes, trying to fit one taste for all to the billions of people who need some cloths, trying to standardising the clothing just like standardised wages to your jobs in the labour market.

Although the apparel market is crowded with readymade dresses, they just can’t match the comfort, feel and personalization that only comes from customized clothing, it just can’t match the comfort and feel comes from cloths only measure for your body, it just can’t match the freedom you can get in your own designed clothes, it provides the freedom to represent who you are, gone were the days of one style for all model business treatment in the fashion industry (just changing colour won’t work), we are here to make a disruption in the industry, in your fashion-style. Just as your life is made fit for you, we provide you with the liberty to customize the clothing’s that fits you.


You’ve got a choice from a range of exclusive fabrics based on yarn type, pattern, density and colour, match it with the right type of buttons, lining and pockets (if you want any) and the most important y

our very own personal touch, clearly reflecting your personality type

This doesn’t restrict itself to anything, no boundaries, traditional, oh! Yes, partying, definitely, non-binary, why not!.

Express yourselves with the way you look, not the way some big billion companies suggest you look alike. Be free, live free


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