We like to make it personal

Banawati is one of influential start-up for fashion industry in India, we are a group of non-IITians, non-IIMians, non-NIFTians founders but we understand the journey of fabric 2 fashion, its efficiencies and inefficiencies. Banawati is always in conscious effort to bring the power of fashion trend to the individuals from handful of companies who predominantly decides the trend of the time.

Launched in 2017, Banawati has given the opportunities to millions of customers, sellers, merchants and small businesses to be part of Banawati’s mission vision and India’s fashion industry revolution.We have gained trusts of many individuals and corporations with hundreds of ongoing order every time.

Banawati is enriching its services such as customization of every fashion and fabric, processing pin to Pinky shoe order i.e. processing everything in fashion industry, where every individual can access to everything in the fashion industry


Journey of finding yourself

Finding who are they is easy, finding who are you is tough

As the world can’t have one truth, same way world can’t have the same feelings for standardised sizes and designs, gone were the days of one style for all model of fashion industry, we are here to made a disruption in the industry, in your fashion-style. Just as your life is made fit for you, make clothing’s that fits you. Banawati provides you the every opportunity and freedom you need to find who are you and be independent, customize your individuality per se your clothing style into your fashion style.


Direct from the factory

We can’t serve to you freshly baked direct from oven food, but we can serve you fashion stitched directly from the factories, we didn’t guarantee you 30 minutes delievery but we assure you best quality product at earliest possible. This direct from factory notion applies to everyone- businesses, traders, individuals.
Get direct access to hundreds of trusted manufacturers
Sit back and relax, with Banawati you will be enabling seamless and hassle-free sourcing of your order at your doorstep
You Only Need One- businesses only need banawati for all their answers in the market, we cover all your wishes of raw materials, finished product, from pin to plane. Sit back and relax, you will be enabling seamless and hassle-free sourcing of your order at your doorstep.



Love scrolling on styles you like, recommend someone, earn commission, earn money
People who love fashion and love to work in it can be a part of it, resell the likes, this opportunity doesn’t limit itselves to homemaker and students only everyone could become a part of it

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